Green Taste
in a nut shell.

Arho Nordic is now Green Taste! Our company has changed name, and now in addition to nuts and dried fruit and other snacks, Green Taste Ltd includes such brands as  Myrttisen Kurkut, Pappagallo, Mehuiza, Memmas Knossos, Mistral Snacks and Sicilia.
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Green Taste Oy is a Finnish company operating in the grocery sector. The company specializes in representing and distributing as well as manufacturing branded consumer goods in the Nordic market. Green Taste is owned by Makua Foods.
At Green Taste, we have profound local understanding of the Finnish retail sector and in-depth expertise in the field of marketing, selling and distributing FMCG products. We are pleased to share this knowledge with our principals and continuously strive for their success.

Behind success lies hard work. Our long-term relationships with clients and principals are based on real partnership, mutual trust and shared values. The four principles guiding our business are openness, reliability, courage and diligence.

Do you have a brand you would like to see on the shelves of retailers in the Nordic region? Contact us, and we will find out how to best serve your needs.

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